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Getting started

Xetabytes cloud storage allows you to access your files via secured api requests for your apps. Whether you are building large repository website or your own Netflix, we got you covered! Our API is easy to understand and integrate. All the best!


Xetabytes allows you to make secured download requests for your files in your storage account. You can download your files from anywhere over a secured https protocol. Check out the API.


You can upload your files remotely from any internet enabled device to cloud storage using any app or platform via our secured API. Vist our FAQ for more info on upload limits.

Get Image

An important part of a cloud storage is being able to stream your contents live on the go. Xetabytes allows you to view your images on the go without having to download them. You dont have to worry about endless uploaded images, we got your back! Take a look at the API.


Xetabytes allows you to call a list of files in a particular folder. This saves you a lot of stress and resources right! Integrate now.

Stream media files

Xetabytes allows you to stream your audio and video files on the go without having to download them. Take a look at the API.

File explorer

Xetabytes file explorer api allows you to access your file manager right from inside your app. Managing your files have not been easier! Take a look at the API.


We understand you may want a working examples so we have a list of working examples on Github.

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