Designed for developers and operators

Provision and deploy to your Kubernetes cluster in minutes

High Availability

Kubernetes routinely checks the health of your applications to detect and replace instances that are not responsive.

Resource Efficiency

Kubernetes knows the compute, memory, and storage resources each application needs and schedules instances across the cluster to maximize resource efficiency.

Streamline Operations

Automate application deployments, monitoring, instance replication, cluster scheduling, and seamless application releases.

DDoS Protection


Run GitLab core components on Xetabytes Kubernetes to manage your development lifecycle, or just the Gitlab Runners to easily scale your build and integration pipeline.

API and Backend Services

Use Xetabytes Kubernetes to deploy, scale, and manage the services that power your applications. From authentication to message queues to custom app logic, deploying to Kubernetes provides the portability, availability, and efficiency for your services.


monitoring 24/7/365

Web Apps

Deploy your web applications to DigitalOcean Kubernetes for easier scaling, higher availability, and lower costs. And use Kubernetes to release new versions seamlessly.